Heizspirale W-Form
Beelonia heating coil W-shape in different versions.  2500 Watt  for F1 - F2-70/60XL 3333 Watt for F4 - F6-100 KR6 - KR6-100 Also available as a U-shaped heating coil
from €109,48
Heizspirale U-Form
Heizspirale U-Form
Beelonia Heizspirale U-Form 400 watts suitable for F1 - F2-70/60XL
Gas heater for Beelonia F1, F2, F2-70 and F2-70/60
Gas heater suitable for Beelonia smoker F1, F2, F2-70 and F2-70/60. gas burner Incl. sawdust bowl Incl. connection hose for gas Incl. pressure reducer Power approx. 8 KW Tip: Sprinkle sand on the drip tray in the smoker to ensure...
Electric heater for Beelonia F1 and F2
 Electric heating block for Beelonia smokers F1 and F2 Power 2.5kW 200V Approx. width: 40cm, length: 35cm, height: 30cm Material: V2A stainless steel Scope of delivery: heating block with switch box and sawdust bowl.   (picture shows accessories)
Heating Block Gas for Smoky Smokers
Gas burner fits Smoky ovens 4, 5 and 6. Can be easily retrofitted. Also as electric variant available. Order No.: 1267 Execution: V2A
Electric heating block for Smoky smokers
Electric heating block suitable for Smoky ovens 4, 5 and 6. Can be easily retrofitted. Also as Gas Variant available. Order No.: 1268 Version: V2A
Infrared gas heater for Beelonia large capacity grills
Infrared gas heater for Beelonia large-capacity grills Available in the variants 3.4 kW, 550 mm / 5.7 kW, 700 mm / 6.6 kW, 880 mm / 7.5 kW, 1010 mm Economical heating thanks to infrared technology Powered by gas
from €391,99
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