Cold smoke insert for Beelonia F1-F2/70 XL
Cold smoke insert suitable for Beelonia smokers F1-F2-70/XL, wood and gas For a good quality cold smoke, please use the smoke generator or a cold smoke insert.
Smoke generator for Beelonia smokers of the Smoky series & F1-F2 70/60XL
Ideal for cold smoking and drying. For original Beelonia stoves of the type Smoky 4, 5, 6 and F1 - F2 70/60XL Made from V2a stainless steel Double-walled housing = no condensation Eingtebauter Ventilator Creates cold smoke The Beelonia smoke...
Smoke generator for F4 - F6-100
Smoke generator suitable for Beelonia smokers in the models F4 - F6-100. Made from stainless steel Available in wood and electric variants Function and mode of operation of smoking devices with external smoke generator: Smoking devices must be well insulated...
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